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15 February
_ aBOUt
_ IconAlias is my personal icon journal for posting those icons, templates, bases, and tutorials I find myself spending too much time on. *gigglesnort*
_ I make icons of my own personal interests, those that may be viewed as alternative oftentimes. I do not (will not) make icons of the latest pop stars or trendy teenshits, as I don't find any interest in them and would be wasting my time making such things. Sorry, but this is forewarning, you won't find that shit here.
_ It's come to the point where I find enough pride in my work to require crediting on all icons. If you don't think my icons are good enough to credit, then don't fucking take them. Bases & templates usually don't require credit, if so, it'll say so in the post.
_ Never ever ever hot link ANY content here. I will find out through nifty statistics on my domain and I will make a fool out of you. Feel like trying me? Go ahead, I hope you find great pleasure in your efforts when I switch out the hotlinked content with obscene photographs and animal pornography.
_ Looking for something in particular? Check IconVict. All my icons are kept there.

_ Every month all icon posts are deleted. Why? Because. All prior icons can be found at IconVict, my icon site.
_ The reason? I find it's easier for me to stay dedicated to a site rather than a journal, and I'm slowly losing interest in live journal. There are many icons, etc, that will only be posted at IconVict so you should definitely check it out.

_ rULEs
_ All icons are up for grabs.
_ Credit is required on icons. Credit either iconalias or deepwithin.net.
_ Comment when taking icons, templates, or bases.
_ Feedback is always appreciated on any entry here.


_ tHE GIRl
_ Kendra, 19, Female
_ Likes: Crimson, Vampires, Faeries, Blood, Cliches, Fishnets, Grunge, French, & Starlettes
_ Dislikes: Asshats, Thieves, Drama

_ Wonder where any brushes, images, or fonts came from? Check this entry before asking me.

last edited may 11th, 2004